Awesome time at Sao Paulo, Brazil!

The Pyrophone Juggernaut was set up at Anhangabau in Sao Paulo for Virada Cultural festival. We did two dress rehearsals on Friday night and had 4 performances on Saturday night into Sunday morning. Our first performance was at 8pm, then midnight, 3am and 4am. The audience was absolutely fantastic, the support fabulous and we had a great time! We love the Brazilian audience as they were so responsive and warm. We spent some time sightseeing after the gigs and were guided by some lovely people we met there. Special thanks to Marcelle for the driving and sightseeing with us, Paulo for the amazing photos and all the staff of Virada and Australia Now (Mark, Marco, Mari, Juliana, Fernanda and everyone else) for making it happen! Looking forward to returning to Brazil in the future!

Thank you Taiwan!

Pyrophone in Taiwan

We had a fantastic time in Taiwan. The people were so warm and gracious and our crew was so well looked after. We stayed in beautiful accommodation and we were fedĀ and watered extremely well! Who can forget those ice cold towels placed around our necks the minute we came off stage…they were a lifesaver in the intense heat! Thanks again to everyone for making our trip to your wonderful country such a joy! Until next time…